In the world of business marketing, there are several technology tools that can be used, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This allows companies to effectively introduce users of computers and mobile devices to their products and services. Here are some of the most effective SEO tools for marketing:

1. Keywords/Keyphrases

These are some of the most critical tools used in SEO. It’s important that they be effectively weaved into a website’s content. The process of finding the right keywords/keyphrases is significant, as they’re based on web surfers’ searchers. This will help not only to drive traffic to a business’ website, but also the “right” traffic. Finding such keywords/keyphrases requires the certain web tools that will help to determine the best choices to increase traffic to the website.

2. Typo Generator

This is an interesting tool, as it involves factoring in human error when selecting keywords. Certain keywords such as “marshmallow” (misspelled “marshmellow”) are frequently misspelled. By not factoring in such misspellings with this technology, you can miss out on a lot of web traffic.

3. Meta Tags

This is another important tool that a business can use to increase web traffic to their sites. They’re used to organize the web pages of the website into applicable categories. Meta Tags are becoming increasingly important due to the growing use of mobile devices to access the website. That highlights the need to organize certain webpages under the right categories.

4. Local Ranking

A big mistake many online companies make is not developing their sites to drive local web traffic to their sites. However, this is critical, especially for Google-friendly sites. Studies show that if your company doesn’t show up in the first page of local searches, let alone the top 3 listings, it will be highly unlikely that consumers will click on your company’s link. More companies are now realizing the importance of ranking high, not only in Google searches, but also local searches. The competition can be tough in the local realm, so it’s critical to use every technological tool possible, to drive web traffic from computers and mobile gadgets to your website.

5. Link Sources

Another important tool to include in effective Search Engine Optimization is link sources. The good news is that various link suggestion tools are available, which will help to determine the most effective link sources to include on your website. Adding the most effective ones will help to increase web traffic to your website, which is one of the most critical goals when developing a SEO strategy.

6. Keyword Density

A mistake that many online businesses make is having a keyword density that’s either too low or too high. If the former is done, then it will be difficult to increase web traffic to the site. On the other hand, if the density is too high, then a similar problem can happen. Fortunately, there is analytics software that can calculate the keyword density of particular web pages. That allows developers to make adjustments, whether it involves lowering or increasing the keyword density.