Despite the affluence of much of urban Australia, many people still do not have access to basic technology, such as computers, that most of us now take for granted. These people, particularly the youth and those in regional Australia, are at a serious disadvantage to those who are more fortunate to have access to these things. A social gap is forming between those with access to technology and those without.

This is commonly known as the “digital divide”.

Computer  Bank New South Wales (CBNSW) is a grass roots organisation aimed at bridging that divide. Spawned by community members, predominantly IT professionals or hobbyists, CBNSW aims to utilise discarded corporate and personal computers and many of the advantages inherent in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to supply systems and networks to groups and individuals within NSW who would normally not be able to afford such things.

By combining the generous donations of superseeded hardware from all over the state with a growing volunteer force CBNSW are able to leverage the recent explosive growth in FOSS to supply a fully functional system for minimal or no cost to the recipient.

CBNSW remains a 100% volunteer effort and is currently only funded via the membership fees of the volunteers. This, however, hasn’t stopped the word spreading far and wide with regional representation throughout NSW. CBNSW has established small but rapidly growing groups in the New England Region and NSW’s Central West and North Coast. Not to mention established prescences with premises in NSW’s two most populous areas, the Sydney Basin and The Hunter. Throughout this all we’ve continued to supply donated systems to community groups and individuals throughout New South Wales.