Some commonly asked questioned related to volunteering and helping out at ComputerBank are listed below

When Do You Need Volunteers?/Are You Currently Looking For Volunteers?

Always & Yes!

Any community organisation, especially those operating with limited or no funding, generally only as useful and effective as their volunteers.

Currently ComputerBanks around NSW are all looking to expand their volunteer numbers to increase their usefulness and effectiveness to their local areas. If you are interested please get in touch with them.

How Do I Volunteer?

Initially, using the contact form. We are in the process of developing much more streamlined and comprehensive systems and procedures for dealing with our greatest asset (YOU!). However, at the moment the contact form is the first port of call, please leave some contact details and someone from your local ComputerBank affiliate will contact you shortly.

What Skills Do I Need?


Any skills you do have will be much appreciated but the nature of Computer Bank’s operations is such that we have things to do for everyone. Even if you’ve never used a computer before! Get in touch with us and if you’re willing to help out we can find something for you to do, maybe even something you might enjoy or that you might learn from. ComputerBank is as much about sharing knowledge as sharing hardware.

Are You Looking For Any Specific Skills?

Yes &: No

Whilst we’ll never say no to any help regardless of skill level there are certain facets of running ComputerBanks that require a certain amount of experience and/or skill. Often these are the more behind the scenes aspects of the organisation.

Any computing knowledge, especially linux related is much appreciated. Programming skills and or experience (and possibly even more importantly the time and inclination to actually program) can not only help your local ComputerBank but those right around Australia and possibly even similar organisations around the world. Hardware skills, especially hardware diagnostic skills are much sort after and experience with older hardware is especially useful.

In non-computing terms, ComputerBanks generally operate as incorporated associations as such there are a number of legal requirements in running the organisation and any experience in those settings and a willingness to help out or share your experience is much appreciated. One area in teh past that has proven difficult to man has been the Treasurer’s positions and anyone who would be willing to take on this role especially those with some financial or bookkeeping experience would be welcomed with open arms.

My Question Isn’t Asked Here?

Over time hopefully we won’t need this in here and we’ll eloquently adress all the questions a prospective volunteer may have. However time is a volunteer organisations most precious comodity so whilst this page is still incomplete or under construction if you have any questions at all regarding ComputerBank and it’s operations or how to get involved. Please Contact Us.

Any final words?

In life, it’s often not what you know but WHO you know and ComputerBank operates exactly the same way. Personal networks or contacts are along with our volunteers and hardware the lifeblood of ComputerBank primarily because it’s through them that we get our hardware and volunteers. We hope after reading our site and this page that you’re interested in helping and/or donating but if not then just think for a minute or two and see if you can think of anyone else who might be. Maybe to volunteer, maybe to donate some hardware, time or money. Either way a few minutes of your time and not what you know but WHO can help both ComputerBank and those who recieve our computers out immeasurably
Thank You.

No, THANK YOU. Without volunteers or those willing to lend a hand ComputerBank (and many organisations like it) wouldn’t exist. You may or may not get involved but even taking the time to find out what’s involved is significant. Thank you for taking the time and we hope we’ve interested you enough to see you at a ComputerBank venue in the near future.