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How Computers Have Revolutionised Gambling

In many ways, it has been vice that has adapted to the digital age more quickly than virtue. The commercial sex industry has warmly embraced the Internet and social media; a picture tells a thousand stories after all. Not far behind the adult entertainment industry is the gambling industry in adapting to and making profitable use of computers and the digital realm. Online gambling is big business now, all over the globe. The alluring offer of fast money flashes brightly on the devices we all hold dearly in our hands. We carry our smart phones and they message us with offers of money back bonuses and free money.

How Computers Have Revolutionised Gambling

The old adages about a fool and his money being easily parted and that there is no such thing as a free lunch come to mind. These corporate bookmakers are making billions of dollars, and, so, someone has to be losing to generate those profits. The losers, as always are the mug punters. Complex algorithms underpin every bonus offering; and the generous sign up packages are to get you hooked up to their siphoning system.

The thing about free money, and easy money, is that by its very nature it is easy come, easy go. If you haven’t worked for that dosh, you are not as invested in keeping it, and punters take more risks with it. A percentage of punters will then chase their losses with their own hard earned and lose more. Bookmaking bets are like mirages in the desert, they float around in the digital ether winking at their prospects. “Do you feel lucky punk?” Clint Eastwood famously growled as Dirty Harry, the morally questionable detective cum vigilante. We all want to imagine that we are fortunate people and online gambling presents that opportunity.

Social media is now a hive of gambling networks and posts. Twitter is afire with disgruntled punters blaming jockeys for terrible rides. Facebook posts and likes identify good things and gambling groups. Images of beautiful horses, sleek with thoroughbred muscles, adorn pages across the globe. If the computer in all its forms is a portal, this portal opens out into the mounting yard, the winning post, the starting gate and the grandstands. Computers make gambling more accessible and much faster. Instant bets go on; and there is a race every couple of minutes. The pulse of online gambling is frantic and there is always time to get another bet on.